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Happy New Year! My name is Kristee Ono, I am a standup comic based in San Francisco. I was raised by hippies growing up immersed in tarot and crystals. I would like, if I may, offer some tarotscopes for the year ahead. These are set up for each of the zodiac signs. They are not personal, predictive, or prophetic, instead they are intended to be humorous, general invitations to themes for your approaching 2020 year.

This is meant to be fun. Please don’t fight with me on the internet. Fight me in real life if you want. I can at least offer you a real reading.

I am using the Golden Thread Tarot, which you can buy online and learn how to read tarot with their accompanying app. I am not getting money for this, nor am I leaning on their interpretation of the cards, but like sources you know. Have at it,here. Learn more about tarot and yourself. However wise and witty, entertaining and kind, I’d even say generous and patient I am, you should never just listen to one person, ya know.

And away we go...

Aries: XX Judgment Rx

Judgment is number 20 of the Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot Deck. The Major Arcana are something like archetypes of the Hero’s Journey and in reading point to more big life level stuff. Numerically the Judgment card 20 also shows up in the year 2020, so this is significant. Literally these tarotscopes are too general to go into here.

This is a card symbolizes accepting the past for what it is, forgiving yourself and others, so you are free from guilt and resentment to move forward unhindered. It is possible to judge without blame or condemning. The past is for us to learn from not to feel ashamed of and forever make up for or hide from, even if it is not so great.

The Rx stands for being pulled out upside down and is called a reversal. I interpret reversals as meaning that this is more of an internal journey with this card’s message or that there is some blockage from realizing the good shit, for example the freedom one can possibly experience from laying down the past in the Judgment Card. So, Aries, you bold fiery ram, probably don’t be so hard on yourself, or too afraid of really looking at the past that you cannot accept it. Really forgive yourself and others, don’t just entertain the concept or like think it out or like “yea yea yea” half heartedly do it.

Taurus: X of Cups Rx

Tens are the last in the suit that goes from Ace to Tens, and then into the court cards of the suit more about court cards later. Cups are the suit that generally symbolizes feelings, emotion, and intuition. The X of Cups is about peace, emotional fulfillment, harmony, and it is reversed. Again probably an inside job, learning to find serenity and harmony within, that you create the peace you seek. OR again, Rx being blockage, something is holding you back from realizing that you have the maturity and emotional intelligence to find your way out of emotional difficulties or misunderstandings.

As Taurus, I imagine you love fucking harmony and luxuriating in it, the X of Cups Rx invites you into trusting your ablity to restore emotional harmony. You can trust your wisdom and ability to be emotionally generous, probably patient and empathetic. Maybe examine your expectations you have of everything being feeling like a pink cloud all the time, everything goes up and down, you can trust you have the wherewithal to go through it with grace and compassion for everyone involved. I know gross right.

Gemini: XII Hanged Man Rx

Dang everything is reversed so far, its fine. The Hanged Man is number 12 of the Major Arcana and a fun one to be reversed because this dude is normally hanging upside down and right side up looks like he's doing a lil dance but remember he is still hanging.

The Hanged Man is about changing perspective, surrendering to what is, and giving up urgency. This cards interpretation talks a lot about paradoxes and contrary action. As they say the solution never looks like the problem or whatever.

So Gemi, this card is all about the action of non-action to find the way to a larger understanding, solution, or plan, which probably super sucks because Gemini’s are typically about action, thinking, planning, talking, all that stuff. This is really asking you to do what you normally wouldn’t, pause and open yourself to new ideas, something new and strange. This maybe an internal journey you get to go on, or if you are blocked from this new view, let go of attachment to they way you think things should be and surrender to what it. This kind of thing is hard for anyone, but holy moly will it be hard for Gemis.

Cancer: XI Justice

FINALLY, something not reversed. Justice is card 11 in the Major Arcana, it is about justice but more so in a universal sense like karmic or cause and effect type personal accountability sense. I know its a lot, and you’re probably already feeling a lot about it, you crab baby Cancer.

As much as it is about doing the right thing or determining the right action, it is also about acknowledging the truth and reality of the situation or your circumstances. It is recognizing you have choices, and even in how you choose to see your choices, situation, or circumstances. Justice is sometimes called adjustment, I like thinking about it as discernment, for Cancer a sign known for its deep emotion and intuitive connection, there is a call to balance or bring equilibrium to idealism and practicality. Right, that squishy inside evening out with that hard crabby shell.

We are free to do whatever we want as long as we accept the consequences of our actions, the impact, discomfort or, more positively the lessons of mistakes; and the recognition, celebration or accolades for good deeds. Weight carefully and bring into balance yourself physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually - personal responsibility will probably be less scary that way.

Leo: Page of Pentacles Rx

Back to backwards, there’s been a lot of reversals if you have not been reading the whole article.

The Page is the beginning of the court cards, there are pages, knights, queens and kings of the four suits. We have already seen the Cups that deal with emotions, the Pentacles, or sometimes coins, deal with the physical, tangible, worth/value, money/work, earthy things like that. This is a real loosey goosey crash course on tarot, I appreciate your patience and understanding, and rolling with me on this, because all of these things could literally mean something else depending on your deck, a particular school or interpretation, or you can just have another meaning or relationship with these cards than I do. So, thanks for being cool.

The Page of Pentacles is a jumping off point for growth and expansion, embodiment of security and abundance. The reversal indicates maybe something like self-doubt, procrastination, or daydreaming preventing you from really getting started. Or maybe this is more of an internal journey where you do not want to reveal your ideas or plans, perhaps there is an opportunity you want to keep close to the chest for now as you plan. Seemingly a difficult thing for a Leo, who I have always seen as boisterous, action oriented, just going for it types of folks. There’s a real hurry up and wait energy to this card, but maybe a worthwhile wait Leo.

Virgo: VII of Cups

Full disclosure, I am a Virgo and in this card I am really seeing how all of these are real fucking challenging the cards picked for the signs really are now.

More Cups, the VII of Cups is about daydreaming, getting lost in fantasy, lack of focus or commitment, or becoming disorganized. All frightful things to Virgos.

This card is kind of about balance, but also about instability, probably more like finding an individual understanding of how balance will work for you. The VII of Cups offers, if one is too rigid, to let things fall apart and get messy, you can find inspiration in taking down a rigid structure or routine and trying something different. Wear life like a loose garment they say. But, if one is too chaotic, create structure and regularity, no one can waft around in chaos all the time. Reigning in emotions, finding what you really want and commit to it realistically, don’t just go of thinking of how fun each thing could be.

There are two ways of letting evil in, either too much severity or idiot compassion by just letting everything in. I guess chose one and be done with it? JK, the answer is always balance.

Libra: XI Justice

Aww, we did this already LoL. Surprise there is more to say.

Justice is a card ruled by Libra. This is an excellent time to remind you that this is a very general crash course in tarot stuff, if this is interesting to you, go find out more about a tarot and yourself and the universe, it is an amazing journey. So anyway, all the stuff mentioned in Justice for Leo but probably felt either more acutely or feeling like it's constant underlying everything.

Libra is the scales, the scales of Justice, see it all makes sense. Seeking equanimity, truth, determining the right course of action. Since Libras are known for being indecisive, its probably worth mentioning that you cannot just sit and weigh out the options forever, you must also handle the situation or decision, make your choice with full awareness or as full and impartial as anyone can be, and then recognize karma, universal balance, and accept your part or responsibility wherever you end up. Kind of a bummer, but what a beautiful full embrace of free will.

Scorpio: IX of Pentacles Rx

Pentacles, again, reversed again, so this is about the body, the physical and tangible, probably also money or valuable stuff. Reversed so its an inside job, or something is blocking the realization of the true medicine and message of the card. Nines are about completion in physical sense where like a ten would be a completion in a spiritual sense, also nines are about intuitive knowledge.

This is the real fun thing about this card that I think Scorpios will like, the IX of Pentacles in the traditional Smith-Rider-Waite Decks has a very fancy noble lady in a sick ass garden holding a fucking falcon. A bird of prey, a hunter and killer, how metal is that. It is symbol of mastery over baser instincts the wild unruly nature of the shadow self. The shadow has been integrated and works with her rather than haunts or throws her off. In mastery over herself she is able to achieve the status and comforts also drawn into the card. So refinement and gracy and my pet can claw your eyes out if I command it.

This card is also about doing things on your own for yourself, in the Rx position for Scorpios, maybe don't get too attached to that story or belief that you must do things by yourself for yourself, or that that is the only way to get the things you want. You do not have to live in isolation. Sometimes you need others or need to ask for help. Don't take on so much yourself that you cannot enjoy the comfort you've created.

Sagittarius: King of Cups

More Cups, so dealing with emotions and feelings. Another court card, a King a symbol of wisdom, completions, and mastery of the suit. The King of Cups speaks to emotional maturity and emotional intelligence, prioritizing composure, empathy, compassion, tolerance, and inclusion.

Not saying that Saggittarius-es or Saggittari, dunno, are not any of those things but as a mutable fire sign, embodying the energy of the King of Cups might be challenging. As I’ll have you know, all the cards have been for everyone else, ok?

This card has great ideals for us all to aim for (get it like an archer): responding calmly in crisis, diplomacy, allowing others their freedom to be exactly how they are, accepting different points of view. Saggittarius is also about balance and integration of opposites, the King of Cups asks for wisdom in balance in reference to emotions, using that same wisdom to make decisions, be in the world at peace, not letting circumstances or people distract or sway one away from their morals or beliefs.

Capricorn: XXI The World

The World Card is the final card of the Major Arcana, it is about completion and competency in the sense that a full cycle has been finished and all the lessons to be learned have been learned. The ruling planet of this card is Saturn, Saturn is Capricorn's ruling planet, again a message of mastery, there is also a sense of completion and moving on to the next lesson, maybe not a total change but like a shift or next level. Unfortunately, it’s always just finishing and starting something new.

In anycase, there is a sense of accomplishment, wholeness, satisfaction and contentment from becoming a fully integrated and actualized person. It is not static, it is dynamic balance, a “divine conflict,” it is a hard card to define in such general terms, like not having a context for understanding how this might be more meaningful to someone. The challenge here is that this is a very new agey, hippy dippy card to be assigned to the skeptic and very grounded Capricorn.

So, for Capricorns in 2020, there is a real sense of the closing of one chapter, all the boxes were ticked, you have finished, graduated, or have gotten all you came to learn about in some area, you can feel good about it, celebrate! If there are any loose ends, tie them off, when this is ready to be put away, something fantastic and new will come in. Ta da, don’t worry, something new will come in to focus all your hard work and discipline at.

Aquarius: XIII Death

You’re not going to die. The Death Card is not about literal death, it is about transformation. It is truly a beautiful card, it is all about the natural and inevitable cycles of life, it is a complete shedding of the old, things that do not serve, sweeping old patterns and beliefs that no longer work in your life, it is getting to the bare bones ;) of only what is necessary and moving into the beautiful unknown void of total possibility.

As a rebellious, idealistic, far seeing, revolutionary spirited Aquarius, you should totally love that, right? That’s off the beaten path, you love the not beaten path. Lol.

Right, so you can be surprisingly stubborn too Aquarius-es, Aquari, or whatever the plural of Aquarius is, and this is a card is about things having come to an end, inevitable maybe inescapable end, but a natural end. It seems like this year you will be confronted with beliefs, thoughts, patterns of behavior, or habits, that are now absolutely unnecessary. Why hold on to things that do not serve you? The recommendation is to ride it out, as much as this is about loss it is about transformation. You will be losing, shedding, or walking away from things, but you will also gain something new in its place that will be what you need or will be revitalizing in a way that will make it worth it. Tough break, BUT, think of that fun goth aesthetic you can try out while you're in it.

Pisces: Ace of Wands

Ah yes, the Ace the purest form of the suits, and yes the Wands the starting spark, the passion, the drive, the ambition; all for the dreamy and watery Pisces.

“In the immortal words of The Doors, ‘The time to hesitate is through.’” That is an Empire Records quote, quoting the Doors. Which I think is as appropriate as it gets for this card in this sign.

The Ace of Wands card indicates an opportunity for great possibilities, don't know what, but they are here or coming or conceptually available to you. Inspiration is being fired up, you are optimistic, ready to explore talents, follow your dreams, stimulating your imagination, getting excited, and going for it. I would say the challenge here is not to get too caught up in daydreaming about what it could be and instead taking the leap. This will ask you to really believe in yourself, trust your abilities, have faith in your path, face your fears, and take a risk - invest in yourself and your passion. I know it sounds nuts.

Doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your life, Aces are often thought of as seeds. You can start small and see what it will become, you are a nurturing water sign, you can help it grow into something big or small, make adjustments and modifications, or just learn from the experience. Understand that the potential does not mean results, but the experience, knowledge, and growth you will gain will lead to more opportunities.

Well that has been my tarotscopes for the 2020 year. One last thing, there are many ways of finding the card for the year. I first saw it in the Secret Language of Birthdays book and was reintroduced to it by listening and learning from Lindsay Mack’s Wild Soul Tarot podcast and online courses.

The year 2020 is both a Judgment Judgment year, because as mentioned the Judgement card is 20 in the Major Arcana and an Emperor year, because the 2+0+2+0 = 4 and 4 is the Emperor in the Major Arcana.

Here’s my lil bit on that: hindsight is 2020, seeing the past clearly means never re-establishing the former status quo. Emperor's soul growth could be people stepping into themselves, taking their place in creating new structures and establishing … oh damn, a new empire, kingdom, new order, new world, wow, so all these words have real wacky connotations I don't really want to come along with the possibility that could happen through out next year. I am really hopeful though, it looks like it will be real challenging as it has been for a while. But there is really no more shying away any longer. I have a feeling we will be asked to fully embody who we are meant to be and our place in the universe, we will be asked to really take up that space and everything that comes with it. Reclaim and liberate aspects rightfully belonging to ourselves which had been otherwise denied or held hostage.

Or not, I don't know. A great teacher once said, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” It’s Yoda. Good luck everyone, Happy New Year!

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This is Lindsay Mack